Fitbit iPhone 5s Update Teases Wearable Data Without The Band

In a move rather similar to Nike's efforts with their own wearable sports tracker and app, Fitbit has updated their app to give basic fitness data without the Fitbit band itself. You'll be seeing basic data with the help of what Fitbit doesn't directly suggest is the iPhone 5s's M7 motion co-processor, but gives a bit wink towards nonetheless.

This move allows users to get in on and get a taste for the Fitbit universe without jumping all the way in with the Fitbit wearable itself. This version of the app's new feature goes by the name MobileTrack, while normal connectivity still works with Fitbit's full line of activity trackers and he Aria Smart Scale.

If you happen to have a new iPad, you may very well find your data reacting the same way with this newest update as they too work with the same M7 architecture inside. You'll find this app just as free as it's ever been, too.

This update to the iOS app also brings a collection of other connected oddities as well. Users can now work with a redesigned set of tracker settings as well as sign-up and sign-in portals. You'll find the ability to see people's profiles in the Friend Finder list, while swiping on friends in your leaderboard now allows you to cheer, taunt, or message them.

The newest version of Fitbit (2.1) works with a redesigned set of Silent Alarm settings including set, switch, edit, and remove, and you'll find a new ability to set your own custom water goal. Have at it!