Fitbit Aria WiFi scales tell the internet you're fat

Fitbit has launched Aria, the company's first WiFi-enabled scales, capable of automatically recognizing up to eight different users and squirting their weight to a cloud-based fitness center. Best known for the clip-on Fitbit dongle that tracks exercise, Fitbit says these new scales were actually prompted by user-requests; however it's also worth noting that Withings has been offering wirelessly-enabled scales for some time now.

Either way, the Aria set tracks weight, percentage body fat and calculates BMI, meshing those results with the feedback from the Fitbit dongle. That way, the company reckons, you can see which elements of your exercise regime are really working. It can also feed into a food planner, with users logging their diet and getting suggestions on calorie consumption.

An iPhone app allows you to track your progress while on the move, and all eight users of the scales have private accounts so that you can't see how much everyone else weighs. User identification is based on weight, so it might not work if you've suddenly lost or gained a huge amount, or live with people who all weigh the same.

The Fitbit Aria scales will go on sale in late April 2011, priced at $129.95. They're available to pre-order now.