Fisker said to reboot with new Elux model, California factory

Adam Westlake - Jun 22, 2015, 5:44am CDT
Fisker said to reboot with new Elux model, California factory

Fisker, that other high-style, high-performance electric maker that didn’t quite find the same success as Tesla, is said to be planning its rebirth after being saved from bankruptcy last year. This involves building a new factory in nearly the same neighborhood as Tesla Motor’s Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada, or somewhere between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. The other development involves an introduction of a proper successor to the Fisker Karma.

Fisker’s new owners, Wanxiang of China, already have offices and about 200 employees in Costa Mesa, California. The Orange County Register adds that a new 556,000-square-foot Fisker factory will be built 60-miles east of Los Angeles, in Moreno Valley. There, around 150 people will be tasked with re-introducing the Fisker brand to the world with the manufacture of a new vehicle, the Elux.

Little else is known about this new model, including when it might go on sale. However, a few months ago Fisker unveiled a new website at, as well as a program for existing owners of the electric Karma to get service like repairs and parts. The Fisker Karma sold for over $100,000 when it was offered, however less than 2,500 were ever built, and production ended in late 2012, after the company basically ran out of money.

Fisker formally declared bankruptcy in 2013, about a year after halting production on the Karma. Early last year they were saved thanks to a buyout from Wanxiang for $149.2 million. With the success that Tesla has seen in the last few years, maybe now there’s room for more than one all-electric sports car in the market.

SOURCE Orange County Register

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