First Titanfall live action movie clip released at E3 2014

Chris Burns - Jun 10, 2014
First Titanfall live action movie clip released at E3 2014

This afternoon the folks at PlayfightVFX have released the second clip and first E3 2014 teaser trailer for the live action movie series Titanfall. This is the same Titanfall you’ve been playing as a game on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the PC through Origin, this time made into a live action series of videos. This one minute and 25 second segment shows you what the rest of the series is aimed at looking like – as close to the game as possible.

It’s time for another extra-brief bit of real live Titanfall action – while we wait for longer bits of plot. For now we’re seeing the second clip the folks at Respawn Entertainment and EA Games have worked with PlayfightVFX to produce. This clip features a pilot running, jumping, wall-running, shooting a smart pistol, jump-kicking, and witnessing the destruction of a Titan up close and personal.

Next you’ll see the first clip released earlier this year. This is the teaser for the teaser – less than a minute long and ready to make you wish the team had a much quicker turnaround time for releases.

Today’s E3 2014 live action segment is upgraded to near-reality with a number of high-end special effects. While this newest clip doesn’t have its own making-of quite yet, the previous (first) clip does – this should give you some insight on how these clips are formed.

Have a peek at SlashGear’s Titanfall tag portal and see our original extra-long Titanfall Review. We’ve pulled out all the stops and continue to roll out updates as they come!

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