First MacBook with Apple silicon tipped to launch with November event

Following rumors about such plans, Apple confirmed earlier this year that it will be switching Macs over to its own silicon in a transition from Intel. In June, Apple said that it expected to release its first models featuring its own silicon by the end of this year, though precise details were absent. A new report suggests that the first MacBook powered by an Apple processor may be less than a month away.

The first MacBook model featuring Apple silicon will be announced next month, at least according to a new report from Bloomberg. Reports from earlier this summer claimed the first Mac laptop featuring an Apple processor would be a 13.3-inch model, but Apple hasn't confirmed such plans, leaving consumers to speculate based on rumors. Those leaks likewise claimed that a 24-inch iMac will be among the first Apple desktop models to feature its own silicon.

Back in June during its announcement, Apple CEO Tim Cook had said that the transition from Intel processors to its own silicon would be a 'huge leap forward' for the company's Mac product family. This transitional process will take some time, with Apple itself saying that consumers will likely see the first models with its silicon arrive by the end of 2020.

The first MacBook powered by an Apple processor will be launched in November alongside other products, the latest report claims, with other models allegedly including a smaller HomePod speaker, Apple's own over-ear headphones, and, of course, a new lineup of iPhones.

Apple anticipates that it will take around two years to completely make the Mac transition to its own processors. Amid the confirmation of what had been a major rumor before that, Apple also reassured existing Mac owners, stating that it will support the Intel-based systems with new macOS releases for 'years to come.'