First Google Glass game project StarFinder gets early demo

The first official game for Google Glass has been revealed, a gamification of Google Sky that pits users of the wearable against the heavens. The title, revealed by developers dSky9 this week at Mobile Outlook 2013, challenges Glass wearers to identify different constellations against a time limit, playing against other users to compete for the fastest time.

"Upon launch, the app shows a leaderboard and videogame-like interface, overlaid atop a natural view of the stars and constellations" dSky9 said of the game. "It then challenges users to identify new constellations within a pre-set time limit."

It's still early days for the app. The developer's demo video, which you can watch below, is described as a "pre-visualization" and is effectively a mockup of what players will actually see, complete with iOS icons.

However, it's a good example of something that a wearable device, like Glass, can do particularly well when you take into account mapping digital graphics over the real-world. Although we've seen augmented reality smartphone games before, they've generally required the player to hold up their phone and look "through" the digital view from the handset's camera, a less streamlined approach than glancing at an eyepiece just above your line of sight.

dSky9 hasn't said when StarFinder might arrive on Glass, though as a native app it will presumably side-step Google's own Mirror API and require some tinkering on the headset itself in order to run.

[via LivingThruGlass]