First gen Apple TV plagued with iTunes connectivity issues

The first generation Apple TV has been around for several years now and lots of the devices are in use around the world. Reports are surfacing that issues have prevented users from connecting to iTunes are plaguing these first generation Apple TV set top boxes. The iTunes connectivity issue appears to be affecting owners of these first generation boxes around the world.

Connectivity issues reportedly started on April 17 and are ongoing. Reports on a support thread at the Apple forum show that many of the users have tried to fix the issue with normal diagnostic procedures, but the problem persists. Users report no improvement after rebooting the device or restoring it.

Interestingly, users of iPhones on iOS 6 began reporting issues with connecting to FaceTime at about the same time that the original Apple TV lost its ability to connect. With Apple services to two of its devices being affected, some sort of recent change Apple has made is likely behind these issues.

Speculation around the web is that updates to protect Apple servers from Heartbleed might be the root of the issue. Apple has made no official statement at this time on the connectivity issue for the Apple TV. No indication of when users can expect to see access to iTunes from that set top box restored has been offered. Apple's solution to not being able to use FaceTime for the affected iPhones was to upgrade the OS, no such easy fix is available for the Apple TV.

SOURCE: MacRumors