FaceTime outage reported by iOS 6 users

FaceTime has been around for the iPhone for several years now. The feature allows iPhone users to make video calls with other iPhone users. Reports are surfacing that iOS 6 users are having a FaceTime outage. Reports of the outage first surfaced on a mini site on the Apple Support Communities.

On that mini-site, a number of people running iOS 6 are reporting that they are unable to make or receive FaceTime calls. The outage isn't affecting users who are on the latest version of iOS, iOS 7. Interestingly, Apple's Systems Status page shows that audio and video software are working normally.

Apple is said to be working on a fix for the FaceTime issue for iOS 6 users. The short-term solution to fix FaceTime is to upgrade to iOS 7. Since these software upgrades are free, that would be the easiest fix for people hit with the outage.

Apple offered numbers recently that claim 87% of iOS users are now running iOS 7. Only 11% of iPhone users are on iOS 6 with 2% using an even older version of the operating system. While 11% might not sound like many people, considering how many iOS users are out there it is a significant number.

SOURCE: Cult of Mac