First evolved Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO tipped for Dortmund

Today we're taking a look at the code for the game Pokemon GO in the latest update and we're seeing some interesting notes. It would appear that the next big event for the game, Pokemon GO Fest 2019 in Dortmund, Germany, may have a first-ever type of Pokemon in the game. That'd be the Shiny Evolved Pokemon – without a requirement for finding that Pokemon in the wild as its least-evolved self!

For the most part, Pokemon GO has stayed solid on their unspoken rule that a Pokemon cannot be shiny in the wild unless it is the least-evolved form. This goes for MOST Pokemon, but not all. The difference until now had to do with Baby Pokemon and Pokemon Eggs, but that might be about to change.

Limitations on the Shiny nature of each individual Pokemon were previously attached to the Evolution 1 or 0 version of a Pokemon. So for a Pokemon like Shinx, you'd need to find a Shiny Shinx in the wild, then evolve that Shinx into Luxio or Luxray if you wanted to get the Shiny version of either of those other Pokemon.

Shiny Luxio and Shiny Luxray are both evolve-only unique monsters. They cannot be found in the wild. This is not true of every different sort of Pokemon. The Pokemon Pikachu, for example, has a Baby type, Pichu, which would be the least-evolved version of the monster. But you can find a shiny Pikachu in the wild.

In the near future, the first evolved type that MIGHT be able to be found in its Shiny form in the wild COULD be Bronzong. We've confirmed PART of the tip we received this morning from an anonymous source with knowledge of the subject – the part that confirms that Bronzong will, indeed, be a big part of the next Pokemon GO Fest 2019 in Dortmund. Now, we've got to confirm the shiny bit – watch the Gyms!