Firefox OS finds its way onto APC Rock and Paper

APC has a pair of cheap developer boards that have similar hardware and different form factors. One of the products is called the APC Paper and the other is called the APC Rock. APC has announced that a new operating system is available for both of those hardware products.

The newly available operating system is a preview build of Firefox OS and buildable source codes are available for the operating system right now on GitHub. The Firefox OS is available as a free download. That means it won't cost you anything to download and try out if you already own APC hardware.

The APC Rock is a small developer board that measures 170 x 85 mm. The device has a VIA ARM Cortex-A9 800 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of flash storage. It also has an integrated 2-D/3-D graphics processor supporting up to 720p.

The APC Paper is the Rock developer board stuffed inside of a small cardboard housing to make something similar to a complete PC. Something else worth noting is that to help speed up development of the Firefox OS, APC will offer free hardware to anyone who can fix one of the known issues from its list.