Firefox just released their most speedy update ever

This week the folks at Firefox released Firefox Quantum, an update to their web browser that makes the internet seem faster. It actually is a little bit faster for the end user, as it were, and Mozilla's efforts make for the biggest update since the first version of the Firefox web browser. It's actually pretty impressive.

Mozilla suggested earlier today that they'd been spending a massive amount of time editing code between their most recent update and now. This timeframe's work includes a "completely overhauled core engine" and "brand new technology stolen from [Mozilla's] advanced research group." Of course the company can't steal from itself, which means Mozilla tried to do a quick joke whilst announcing their new web browser.

The new UI for Firefox is called Photon, and it's pretty darn good. There's a whole style guide available for your perusal if you do so desire. Watch out, Google!

The search platform Firefox works with is up to the end user – you can set your default, as always. But with this Firefox Quantum update, Google will now be the default search provider for everyone in the United States and Canada – unless the end user changes said default, that is. Firefox also has more than 60 search providers "pre-installed" with the browser that users can take advantage of.

Below you'll see a demonstration video from Mozilla on what's happening within the new Firefox Quantum. This video is concise and worth a quick view.

The only down side – or potential down side, if you consider it as such – is the addition of "Recommendations" in the Firefox startup page. This is part of Firefox's Pocket integration. The good news here is the source for this material – in that it's not your browsing habits (as far as we've been able to tell or have been told). Instead, the recommendations come from Pocket users around the world.

"When you open a new tab in Firefox, you'll now see three recommended stories from Pocket," said Nate from Pocket. "They're curated from the millions of items being saved to Pocket every day, so they do a great job of representing what's worth reading and watching on the web."

Firefox is free, as it's always been, and it can be downloaded by anyone with a desktop computer right now from Mozilla. Head over to Mozilla's Firefox download page to pick it right up. If you've never used Firefox before, you'll be glad you tried it today. If you use Firefox all the time – you're about to get just a little bit happier with your very smart choices in life.

OF NOTE: The iOS and Android versions of Firefox were also announced to get an update. The difference between desktop and mobile updates here is the speed. All the mobile browsers are getting is an update to their UI.