Firefox finally closes tabs automatically

There's a version of Firefox out there that'll close your old tabs automatically. Years after the tab nightmare began, we're finally at a place in this world where we're given the option to see old tabs close without our assistance. This option appears on Firefox 81 for Android, and it'll be on your Android smartphone in the very near future.

The version of Firefox with the new automatic tab closing feature has said feature OFF by default. To get to this feature, drop in on the app's settings and find Close tabs just above Privacy and security. You'll have the option to close tabs manually, after one day, after one week, or after one month.

If you know of a web browser for mobile OR desktop that cleans up after itself by default, let us know! We're always seeking out new and user-friendly features for web browsers on all platforms. No matter how far away from the browser experience we get, there's always a pathway back!

Firefox is a great example of a web browser that aims to please its users. Mozilla develops more than one version of their red panda-themed web browser with all manner of developer-friendly features to make certain that users of all skill levels are satisfied with their web browsing experience. This is true of Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and other platforms, too.

This version of the Firefox web browser for your mobile device should appear available to you through the Google Play app store this afternoon, if it's not there already. Take a peek at the Google Play app store now for the standard Firefox web browser to see if the update's been released as of this week (as early as September 7, 2020.) Drop in on the Google Play listing for Mozilla for all the different iterations of Firefox available to the public right this minute.