Firefox Daylight update revitalizes Android web experience

A "completely overhauled" version of Firefox for Android was released today. This version of the web browser takes a revitalized approach to the web for mobile users, including a movable URL bar, faster speeds, and themes. Users will be able to access this app in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom first, starting today on August 25, 2020, while the USA will have a release date of August 27, 2020.

The Firefox Daylight update includes both a light theme and a dark theme. Much like all the most hype-following apps in the world today, Firefox Daylight allows users to choose whether they BLAST their eyes with their own light display, or opt for a more balanced design with darkness as the most common element.

Users will find this web browser working with Mozilla's own mobile browser engine, GeckoView. This system allows users to "stay independent and have control over their data and online activities." Per Mozilla, this is "unlike Edge, Brave, and Chrome, which are all based on Google's mobile engine, Blink."

This browser allows you to save collections of tabs, so you'll not be browsing through a billion tabs all in one stack. Users will be able to work with Automatic Package Tracking – with alerts through the app.

This browser also has the ability to stack up Add-Ons like any great Firefox browser should. Much like the browser Firefox Focus, this browser has Private Mode "easily accessible from the Firefox for Android homescreeen."

If you live in Europe, you'll find the update available today, August 25, 2020. If you live in the USA, you'll see the update on the 27th of August, 2020. Android users can over to the Firefox app on Google Play right this minute and see if the update is available.