Firefox 5 First Rapid-Release Version Out Now

Mozilla has just released Firefox 5 today after only a few short months since the previous version launched. The predecessor was deemed as the last major release version before Mozilla embarks on a Google Chrome model that will bring shorter faster release cycles. Rather than having new features sit waiting for a major release, now smaller bundles of new features will be pushed out as they become ready, making for new releases as quick as every six weeks.

This latest update brings over 1000 new features for both desktop and Android versions of the browser. Firefox 5 isn't a major overhaul outwardly, but does bring a lot of change under the hood that includes performance and stability enhancements as well as privacy improvements and new CSS animations and improved JavaScript support.

Performance wise, Firefox 5 uses new HTTP optimizations that accelerates content and makes it much faster than before. The "Do not track" option that was introduced in Firefox 4 is now more visible to users and appears as an interface item for users to select whether or not they want websites to track them. New CSS animations support will allow for "Flash-like" dynamic content.

[via Datamation]