Mozilla introduces Firefox 4 with new streamlined design

Mozilla has released Firefox 4, and it's got a new streamlined designs with some pretty slick features. The new version of the popular open source browser is available for all Windows, OSX and Linux platforms in more than 80 languages. It will also be coming to Android smartphones in the near future. Let's take a look at some of the design changes and new features ...

First, Firefox has been redesigned with a new look that places web content on the center stage. App tabs are still at the heart of the interface, but Mozilla has also introduced a cool new Panorama feature which makes it easier to navigate multiple pages. It has enhanced the JavaScript engine to speed up both start up and page load times, up to six times faster than the previous version. Security wise, Firefox provides fortified security features like Do Not Track and Content Security which gives users greater control over their personal data and protect it from being used online.

Firefox also introduces the "Awesome Bar," which is designed to make it easier to move to another webpage tab without opening duplicate tabs. Panorama takes tabs and drags and drops them into a group interface to manage them with greater ease. The new JavaScript Engine employs the J├ĄgerMonkey JIT compiler, enhancements to the existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey's interpreter in concert to make page for greater speed and performance of Web apps and games. HTML 5 support is native to Firefox as well, with hardware acceleration for enjoying high definition videos on the web, 3D graphics, offline data storage and incorporates touchscreen interface support.

And now, when a plugin like Adobe Flash crashes, users won't have to restart Firefox. Users can simply reload the page to restart the plugin. There's also improved support for CSS, Canvas and SVG for web developers who want to keep their web sites on the cutting edge. There are also over 200,000 add-ons available continuing Firefox's tradition of making the browser fully customizable and a personal experience. Users can download Firefox 4 at

[via Mozilla Blog]