Firefox 4 beat IE9 market share on launch day

StatCoutner has offered up the stats on what the market share of Firefox 4 was like and compared the numbers for the launch of IE9. Firefox 4 went up for download on the 22 of March. StatCounter reports that Firefox 4 had grabbed 1.95% of the browser market in only a day on the market.

StatCounter reports that on the first day of FF 4's release it scored higher globally than IE9 did on its first day. StatCounter said that by March 22 IE9 had only 0.87% of the global browser market. Internet Explorer still holds the vast majority of the browser market when all versions are taken into account.

IE with all versions combined currently has 45% of the market with Firefox having 30% and Chrome taking 17% globally. The US only results are much the same with 48% on IE, 26% on Firefox and 14% on Chrome.