Fire Emblem: Three Houses lands on Nintendo Switch next year

Eric Abent - Jun 12, 2018, 12:37pm CDT
Fire Emblem: Three Houses lands on Nintendo Switch next year

Even though Nintendo said that its E3 Direct presentation would focus on Switch games releasing in 2018, one with a 2019 release date slipped through the cracks. Nintendo officially revealed Fire Emblem: Three Houses today, and those who have been waiting for a proper Fire Emblem game on consoles are almost certainly going to be pleased by its trailer. Fire Emblem‘s return to consoles has been a long time coming, as the last console-based game was Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn way back in 2007.

Of course, there have been spin-offs like Fire Emblem Warriors to tide us over in the meantime, but Warriors in particular is so far removed from standard Fire Emblem gameplay that it doesn’t really count. In any case, Fire Emblem: Three Houses seems to give fans exactly what they want, along with a little extra for good measure.

The trailer that debuted today is pretty light on details as far as the story is concerned, but it shows us what we wanted to see, namely the series’ familiar tactical battles. There also appears to be some sort of free roam mode in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so perhaps we’re looking at a game that features some kingdom builder mechanics as well? It’s hard to say from the trailer alone, but those segments definitely have us intrigued.

Nintendo initially planned to have Fire Emblem on the Switch before the end of 2018 – which would explain its appearance at E3 this year – but it’s since been forced to delay it, announcing a spring 2019 release window for Fire Emblem: Three Houses today. At least the trailer looks great, right? We’ll have more information on Fire Emblem: Three Houses when it’s available, but for now, be sure to check out all of our coverage from E3 2018!

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