Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List [mid-March 2017]

In Fire Emblem Heroes this week we've got a bit of a switch up of several main characters on the tops of each tier. Fire Emblem Heroes is a wild west of abilities and powers, and the way people play changes the way we run ranks. So many different elements are at play – and Nintendo updates the game so often – that tier lists could be changed daily! As it were, we're trying to stick to a slightly more reasonable schedule – and today's list is a kicker.

Gold Ranking

For the first tier's ranking we've got a couple of familiar faces and one change. Right up top of the list for the most useful and/or powerful characters in the game we've got Hector, Linde, and Takumi. Back a few weeks ago the top of this list was Lucina, Azura, Hector, and Takumi too. It seems that Takumi really is without rival – thus far.

• Takumi (Close Counter, Vengeance)

• Linde (High speed, attack, gives +HP, +RES to nearby allies)

• Hector (Distance Counter, auto doubleattack)

These three heroes are pictured in the hero picture – non-ironically – to more easily identify them in the game. The same is true of the images below for each of the other ranking colors. The images and the lists herein are in no particular order after ranking.

Silver Ranking

Right below the top grade is Silver, where we place Azura, Lucina (just barely below gold), and Effie. Also appearing on this list in a more solid position is Eirika, Julia, and Kagero (great against infantry – mages and dragons galore), as well as Marth and Nino! Only use Nino if the rest of your characters are really buff-centric, mind you – she gets attack damage by the amount of buff she has applied by other characters.

• Azura (Sing gives double-turn like Olivia, Strength VS Red)

• Lucina (Passive regeneration, Luna high attack)

• Effie (Near highest attack in game + Wary Fighter)

• Eirika (Attack and Def buffs+ Drag Back)

• Julia (heals adjacent allies, only mage with +atk vs dragons)

• Kagero (High attack vs infantry)

• Marth (passive regeneration)

• Nino (only with buff teams)

• Nowi (ranged counterattack)

• Olivia*

*I'm also moving Olivia up the list because she seems to get an unfair kick in the dancing pants due to her lack of power. With the Dance ability, a user can essentially clone any other character they have on a team, allowing them to take 2x turns – that can be a game-breaker.

Bronze Ranking

I'm chopping the Bronze list down a bit because, in the past, we'd already had quite a massive list in this category. With more and more characters being released into the game each month, we've got to make some necessary fish-cleaning, so to speak. We're no longer including Story Units – like Sharena – since everyone has one automatically.

• Ryoma (nearly Silver, just bumped)

• Tharja (needs buffer team, do not use on team with Nino)

• Tiki Young (heavy damage, heals allies nearby)

• Camilla (guaranteed doubleattack)

• Chrom (passive regeneration)

• Cordelia (guaranteed doubleattack)

• Klein (guaranteed doubleattack)

• Lilina (highest attack for a mage in game)

• Robin M (Colorless weapon advantage great for this era, great defense)

While there are other high-powered characters in this game worthy of being ranked, our list is limited. Our limits encompass current values in the game, and the game is always changing. What we've done here is to base these lists on which characters are used most in the game at any one time.

The landscape is always changing, and we're always changing with it Have a peek at our Fire Emblem tag portal for more action as we continue to walk down the path of summons!