Find My Friends app released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apple's Find My Friends app – announced alongside iOS 5 last week – has arrived in the App Store, though you'll need the new version of the platform in order to actually install it. The free app, which uses GPS to locate your friends and family and, if the privacy settings mash correctly, display them on a map in real-time, can be found here [iTunes link].

Like Google Latitude does on Android, Find My Friends will allow iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to see their friends' locations. Access to your position can be granted permanently, or groups set up to reveal location for a specific length of time: for instance, until the end of a day out to the beach or a theme park.

There's also a single switch that turns off all location sharing, for those times you want to be completely off the grid. There's full details on Find My Friends in the SlashGear iOS 5 review.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]