Find My Friends iOS 5 app revealed

This week at the iPhone event Apple held in California, a new standard app for iPhones was revealed, one called Find My Friends that basically acts as a radar for helping you locate all the friends you've got that are also connected to the app and have agreed to share with you. This isn't the first time we've seen such functionality in a smartphone, of course, but such a simple interface is newsworthy. Especially when it comes standard with the iPhone.

You'll be able to easily locate friends and family, share you location temporarily, and do it all from a "simple privacy" set of controls, this meaning you should feel safe, but you'll be able to do it easily. You can see an overhead map of the area you're in or track a person wherever they might be on the planet. Sound good for your kids?

Best use for this app will be for those walking around Disneyland, basically, just incase you want to ride some different rides and meet up later. Exciting to see such functionality coming right out of the box with the iPhone. On the other hand – I'm sure kids wanting to keep clear of their parental units will loath the idea. Good luck, kids!