Finally, a heads-up display that doesn't look gawky

I know I'd look like a bigger geek than I do already, but I really really want microdisplay-equipped glasses.  There was an IBM concept in an advert that showed a few years ago where a man sat among some pigeons used a heads-up display which I thought was indecently cool – the display, that is, not the pigeons.  Now Lumus-Optical are promising to make my geeky dreams come true, assuming that they develop their prototype specs equipped with twin 640x480 displays that, they claim, give the impression of watching a 60-inch TV from ten foot away.

Now I've watched a 10-inch TV from a couple of foot away, so I can only imagine the awesome, jaw-dropping goodness of 60-inches.  As for having my mobile media, my email and my web-surfing overlaid onto the relatively bland real world, I'm exceedingly impatient for the consumer version that, they claim, will be ready next year.

Israel21c [via Engadget]