Final Fantasy VII Remake reviews seal it: A major quarantine win

As a casual gamer – at best – I haven't yet gotten very deep into the wild world of Final Fantasy. Except for Final Fantasy VII. I've tried the rest – none really kept my attention. But Final Fantasy VII, and now Final Fantasy VII Remake, dropped me into a universe from whens there was no return. There's a part of me that'll remain there forever – and now, during global pandemic, it's a place where I've quite glad I've got a ticket to return.

Final Fantasy VII Remake wasn't created with the intention to release during the point at which hundreds, thousands, millions of people are stuck at home, avoiding the spread of sickness around the world. But that's the situation.

Final Fantasy VII was originally released in 1997 for the original PlayStation, and it remains one of the most universally acclaimed games of all time. It was so massive, it couldn't be contained on a single disc – the box contained 3 cd-roms. If you ever planned on attempting to play an epic-level video game that'd definitely take you a BUNCH of hours to complete, that would be it.

Here, 23 years later, Final Fantasy VII Remake seems to be racking up the good reviews once again. According to 67 critic reviews over at Metacritic, Final Fantasy VII Remake has a score of 87.

That's not quite the 92 racked up by the original. But keep in mind the idea that much of the original's score came from critics who submitted scores a significant amount of time after the game was released, up high for nostalgia in addition to its basic greatness. Given that, it's probably safe to assume that this remake is doing a DECENT job already. Below you'll see one of our favorite video reviews of the game released thus far, from Aoife Wilson at Eurogamer.

The VICE review makes clear the idea that this new Final Fantasy VII is more than just fan-service. It's more than just a money-grab. It's a new vision.

The full game Final Fantasy VII Remake has a release date of April 10, 2020. It'll be released on PlayStation 4, and that is IT. If you expect to play this game elsewhere, GOOD LUCK.