Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally making dreams come true

Sony held its PlayStation 4 pre-E3 game show and many predicted a lot of stuff to be unveiled, including perhaps some stronger movements in the Virtual Reality niche. But Sony definitely dropped a bombshell an hour into the press event. Right in the middle of its game revelations, Sony revealed something that fans have been clamoring for since the PS4 and even the PS3 came out. At long last, Sony has caved in to popular demand and will be launching a prettified remake of cult classic Final Fantasy VII.

Yes, you can hear the shouts and cries of fans all over the world. It's been almost 20 years since the JRPG was first released for the very first PlayStation but since then it has become one of the most popular installment of the Final Fantasy franchise. Cloud Strife, in particular, has become an icon in the gaming world. Suffice it to say, the game has been carried on to every new generation of gamers and into every new gaming device.

FF7, as it is commonly called, has seen a lot of spinoffs, sequels, films, and even a port to PCs. But fans have not been satisfied. What they've been crying for is a makeover of the 1997 graphics of the game into the modern era. Although some will say that the dated graphics of the game is only secondary to the story and experience, one cannot deny the pull of an almost photorealistic FF7 not unlike modern games today.

And finally, Sony is listening after years of staying mum. Final Fantasy VII Remake is real and is coming, of course exclusive, to the PS4. Based on the very short trailer shown at the pre-E3 event, it will take the visual style of the Advent Children film spinoff of the title. The trailer only hinted at some of the characters, like Barret's hand gun and Cloud's sword, but it's enough to make fans drool with anticipation.

Of course, it might be too early to start breaking out the champagne. We do not yet know what a "Remake" will consist of, if Sony will remain faithful to the content and only update the graphics and gameplay, or if it will exercise some artistic license to tweak the story a little. It has also to reveal a launch year, though hopefully it won't be too far away.