Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters begin releasing in July

Earlier this month, in the middle of Square Enix's E3 showcase, we saw a very intriguing (albeit brief) reveal. Square Enix revealed that it's remastering the first six Final Fantasy games and bringing them to PC and mobile. These so-called Pixel Remasters would remake the graphics for all six games once again, attempting to update the look of each game for modern platforms while staying at least somewhat true to the originals.

At the time, we didn't get any kind of release date out of Square Enix for these Pixel Remasters but fast forward to today and we now know when the first three games will release. As spotted by Nibellion on Twitter, the Steam listings for all six Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are live, with the first three launching on July 28th.

The descriptions for all three games are very similar. After giving us a synopsis of each game's story, Square Enix says that each title will include "universally updated 2D pixel graphics" alongside a "beautifully rearranged soundtrack." We'll also get some modern gameplay features, including an updated UI and auto-battle options, along with some "supplemental extras" like a bestiary and a music player.

Each game has a list price of $11.99, but currently, they're all on sale for 20% off, bringing their prices down to $9.59. Sadly, the listings for Final Fantasy IV through VI do not indicate when they might be launching, saying only that they're "coming soon."

Just yesterday, we learned that Square Enix is planning to pull the existing Steam versions of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI on July 27th, clearing the way for their Pixel Remasters. The Steam versions of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV won't be going anywhere, however, as Square Enix apparently considers those 3D remakes different enough to exist alongside the Pixel Remasters. We'll let you know when Square Enix announces release dates for the other three Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, so stay tuned for that.