Final Fantasy Gunblade replica forged from steel

We've seen a number of weapon replicas made out of LEGOs, and while they're all fascinating, sometimes it is nice to see something a little more real. That's where Man At Arms comes in, which recently made the Katana Lightsaber we detailed back in August. The group is back again, this time fulfilling requests to make the Gunblade from Final Fantasy — something they managed to do with more than a bit of success. We've got pictures of the final weapon, as well as a video of how it was made, after the jump.Mat At Arms: Reforged takes on some tasks requested by viewers, who wanted to see the Final Fantasy 8 gunblade weapon brought to life. As with other weapons, they made a 3D design first, which you can see happen in action in the video below.

From there, it was a long gritty process of cutting out a rough form of the blade, followed by sanding it down into a more refined blade. A mill was used to engrave the design on the side of the blade, followed by sharpening it into the weapon it is. A long forge was used to treat the blade.

The process, as you can see, is quite extensive, and while there aren't enough details for you to go out and make your own, they give a solid look what goes into making the weapon. The end result is the gunblade brought to life, as shown in the gallery below.

SOURCE: Kotaku