Final Fantasy 8 Triple Triad gets ported to Android

All you Android gaming geeks out there, we have some good news for you today. Final Fantasy 8's Triple Triad has been ported to the Android operating system. Granted, this is no Temple Run for Android, but fans of the Final Fantasy series will probably be interested in this, nonetheless. Triple Triad is some sort of mini game from within Final Fantasy 8.

I have never played the Final Fantasy franchise, so I am not familiar with this game. The port has a bunch of different characters, including enemies that come from the entire franchise. The port also allows you and an opponent to play against each other using Wi-Fi for multiplayer deck versus deck battles.

During these multiplayer fights, you can lose and win cards from your respective decks. You can also play against computer-generated opponents. Gameplay has players placing the cards with different values on a 3X3 grid. The card with the higher value wins and whoever has flipped the most cards when the grid is full wins the game. If you give this game a shot, let us know how it works out.

[via Recombu]