Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition trailer is absurdly cute

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition's first trailer was shown today with a promise of cuteness – and it delivered. Imagine a world somewhere between the Windows edition of Final Fantasy XV and the super teeny-tiny world of Final Fantasy Tactics. That's where this newest game lives, right in the middle. Maybe a little bit closer to the cute side.

In the Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV, users will experience a retelling of the story of Final Fantasy XV. Same main characters, same story, new super cuteness. This version of the game is made for mobile devices, which means it has touchscreen controls.

The big difference between the original game and this is the pricing structure. Instead of getting the whole game at once, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will have each of 10 episodes available for sale. The first episode will be free to play, and all 10 episodes will be available when the game launches later this year.

Users will be able to play this game on iOS for their iPhone (and hopefully iPad). Users in the Android universe will also be able to play on their smartphone and hopefully tablet. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will also be available on Windows 10.

A Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV was revealed this week, and it also got its first trainer outing (which we've included below). In addition to being given "a wealth of bonus content," this version of the game includes a bunch of content brought to the console version of the game for free and through paid downloadable content packs. This version will also have a first-person view mode.

Final Fantasy XV for Windows 10 will be released in early 2018 for all sorts of PCs. This version of the game is compatible with native 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution and HDR10. To experience HDR10, users will need to have the latest Windows 10 Creators Update and a Windows 10 Creators Update compatible display. This game can also, apparently, be "configured to support" a resolution up to 8K.