Final Cut Pro X Goes On Sale Next Week?

Apple unveiled the completely revamped Final Cut Pro X back at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in April. At the time, the industry's top-pick film editing software was said to be rebuilt as a 64-bit application using Apple's Cocoa framework and boasted a multitude of new enhancements. It was scheduled for a June release, and now with only two more weeks left before July, suggests the software will land on the Mac App Store starting next week.

The new Final Cut Pro X introduces the tight integration of OpenCL, Quicktime X, Grand Central Dispatch, and Core Graphics and Animation for enhanced performance. Other features include background rendering for improved work flow, Compound Clips, Magnetic Timeline, and Smart Collections. The 64-bit build also means a whole lot more memory beyond 4GB can be thrown at the software for arduous rendering processes.

But beyond and complete revamp of features, Final Cut Pro X also got a pricing makeover. Instead of only being sold in a $999 bundle with Color, Motion, and Soundtrack Pro, the software and add-ons can now be purchased separately and for less. Final Cut Pro X is now priced at $299. Pricing for the other apps have not been confirmed yet. also predicts that the shipping of third-party Thunderbolt-equipped peripherals will coincide with the Final Cut Pro X launch next week.

[via Macotakara]