Figureprints recreates your WoW character

Abby McVay - Dec 12, 2007

Those that have been sucked into World of Warcraft tend to take great pride in their characters. Sadly once we log off for the day, we have no way to admire our favorite one. I know I tend to go through withdrawals from my elf priest, if I had a statue of her to get me through those dark times outside of WoW I might be able to hold off a little longer.

Who knows maybe I’d even add a fourth paragraph to my articles, okay, maybe thats a bit much. Figureprints just takes the picture from Blizzard’s Armory site and recreates your character . However, due to the fact they are all hand-made and the overwhelming response you don’t just pay your cash and snag one. You have to sign up for one then they do a drawing to decide who gets one.

Of course the statues aren’t cheap, being handmade usually jacks up the price a bit. Each one is $99.95, although you could just stop signing up for WoW for three months to save up the money. That or just eat less or skip out on part of your rent. Who needs an apartment when you have a WoW statue of your character?

Custom World of Warcraft Figurines Bring Your Toon To Life [via gearfuse]

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