FIFA 12 cross-promotes PS Vita features in bright lights

Handheld gaming devices aren't dead yet, not by a long shot if Sony and the FIFA family has anything to say about it, what with their brand new ad spot showing off not just the game FIFA 12, but the system it relies on as well: PS Vita. This device is the ultimate next generation sports experience you can place in the palm of your hands, says the group, and nothing will beat it down for in your face soccer action right out of the box. Call it futball if you really love the sport, and check out how fabulous it's going to be for you when you've got the hardware to match.

If this next generation handheld console by the name of PS Vita has one thing going for it, it's support by the developers unwilling to let go of the many different ways people want to play games in their home and aboard airplanes. Because where else could you better take the time to play a full sports session than flying 50,000 feet above the ground? In this video FIFA 12 is shown to work with dual analog sticks, touchscreen utilization, and rear touchpad shooting.

The PlayStation Vita comes out on the 22nd of February, 2012, here in the United States of America, and we can be rolling out with the game soon after. The FIFA license is in full effect here too, those of you who follow the sport, so you'll see up to and including 500 officially licensed clubs and 50 fully authentic tournaments for the greatest futball experience you've yet had anywhere! Look like enough incentive for you to get the hardware?