Ferrari by Logic3 GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock set for CES 2013

Chris Burns - Jan 3, 2013
Ferrari by Logic3 GT1 Bluetooth speaker dock set for CES 2013

The brand known at the moment as “Ferrari by Logic3” have revealed their next-generation Bluetooth-connected speaker dock, the GT1, ready for action at CES 2013. This machine is a high-powered 2.2.1 speaker system works with an integrated 6.5-inch subwoofer, works with Class HD patented technology for high efficiency delivery of “ultimate power”, as they say, and you’ve got a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) built-in as well. A DSP, in this case, is described as a feature giving you control over the crossover and equalization of the music so you’re able to create a “natural musical tone”.

Along with that lovely tone you’ve got with this fancy beast, you’ll have extended low frequency response. We’re expecting this speaker to blow us away, essentially, with solid sound that’s unlike any we’ve heard from a comparably priced set. You’ll be able to work with this machine with Android devices, the iPhone, and Windows Phone smartphones as well – anything able to connect with Bluetooth, really.


This beast also connects to your new Scuderia FS1 and/or Cavallino GT1 machines from Ferrari by Logic3 to offer added controls you might never have known were possible! There’s a Ferrari by Logic3 app for control of this new system, too. This app works for iOS only and will be available early this year, allowing users to display a clock, set an alarm, control the music on their device (sending it to the speaker dock, of course), and hit up 4 GT car sounds from Ferrari – meant for your alarm, to be sure.

This is just one of a massive barrage of devices you’ll be seeing over the next full week as we head into the biggest set of tech events of the year – the Consumer Electronics Show! Head to the CES 2013 tag to follow SlashGear all around the floor, up, down, and back again until you have so much device coverage, you wont know what to do with yourself.

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