Fering Pioneer is an electric SUV with a range-extender biodiesel engine

Fering is a relative newcomer in the EV space. Still, the British auto builder insists its Pioneer electric SUV is the ideal solution for off-roaders, adventure seekers, and quirky people who want to stand out amidst the burgeoning electric off-roading crowd.

If you haven't heard of Fering before, we can't blame you. However, company founder Ben Scott-Geddes might ring a bell. The bloke was formerly part of the engineering team at Ferrari and McLaren, and he also served as technical director of the Caparo T1 project. In addition, Scott-Geddes and his team were responsible for the BMW LMR endurance racing car and the iconic McLaren F1, so it seems the guy knows a thing or two about making fast cars.

But then again, Fering Pioneer is a rugged SUV in the same mold as the Rivian R1S and GMC Hummer EV. And when it comes to electric vehicles, reducing weight is the key to improve range and performance, and Scott-Geddes knows a lot about lightness. Fering claims Pioneer has a dry weight of only 3,307 pounds and a maximum payload of the same number. The Pioneer measures 191.6-inches long and is no larger than a Hyundai Santa Cruz or Ford Maverick.

The lightness is courtesy of an aluminum-composite spaceframe chassis, but most of it has to do with the Fering Pioneer's most astonishing party trick: fabric exterior panels. Instead of having body panels made of aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber, the Pioneer has fabric body panels, the same material used in manufacturing premium hiking boots. Fering said the fabric not only saves weight, but it provides superior insulation from the elements than metal.

Powering the Fering Pioneer are two electric motors, one for each axle. No horsepower figures are available at the moment, but Fering did say the powertrain churns out 443 pound-feet of torque. The EV has a lithium titanate oxide battery pack that Fering claims perform better in extreme weather, although the cells can only muster 50 miles of all-electric range.

We agree, 50 miles of electric range is not enough, but Fering Pioneer has another trick up its sleeve. It also has an 800cc three-cylinder biodiesel engine. When fitted with an optional long-range fuel tank, the truck can muster up to 4,350 miles of range, great for those three-day outdoor weekend adventures.

Production for Fering Pioneer begins in the UK by mid-2022, and pricing details will follow soon. We have to admit, Fering Pioneer is one of the quirkiest electric off-roaders we've seen in a while.