Feenix Aria creators bash all legacy gaming headphones

Chris Burns - Feb 20, 2014
Feenix Aria creators bash all legacy gaming headphones

The folks at Feenix are ramping up their gaming efforts with a pair of high-end headphones with embedded mic this week with the Aria. This is a headset with what the company suggests is “audiophile-level sound quality” and a look that’s doesn’t exactly scream “gamer.” Here we’ve got woodgrain on metallic silver on black, with an engraving of the Feenix logo on either side.

These headphones have 50mm full range neodymium magnet drivers, the lot of which are individually sound checked before assembly. This headset’s acoustic chamber is also constructed of Japanese pine wood for what the company says will be “warm and rich sound.”

Each side of this headset is surrounded with 100% memory foam with protein leather ear cushions. You’ll have an independent carded clip microphone for chat “unmatched by any traditional headset.” This is what the company suggests is “studio-grade recording capability”, mind you.

“For years gamers have been mislead as to what they should be looking for in a gaming headset.

Their choices had nothing but poor sound quality, gimmicky features, and unnaturally over pronounced bass.” – Feenix creative director Ashkon Shayani

Needless to say, Feenix is not above calling out the competition on this release. Suggesting the Aira headset is above and beyond headphones released in the gaming segment in the past, Feenix creative director Ashkon Shayani makes certain it’s “shots fired” right from the start.

“The Aria focuses on providing high grade audio and reproducing sound perfectly in studio monitor fashion. The result is the ability to hear sound you never knew existed.” – Feenix creative director Ashkon Shayani

The Feenix Aria headset is being pushed for a cool $349 USD on pre-order starting this week. The team behind this release also lets it be known that each Feenix customer – for this release specifically – will be getting their own personally assigned account manager which will provide lifetime support on the product.


Feenix also says that they limit production volume to less than 1000 units per month “to ensure that each item undergoes a thorough hand check before being shipped out.” It’s also important to note that – for the moment – Feenix only sells their products through their own website at feenixcollection.com “to maintain the company’s service and quality control standards.”

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