Fear the Walking Dead: watch the first trailer

If you watched The Walking Dead's season 5 finale last night (fret not, there are no spoilers here), you were among the first round of people to see the series sequel's very first trailer. It aired halfway through the episode, and during its brief time lent a glimpse into the zombie virus's origins...and in doing so, it suggested that we might finally learn more about how the outbreak took place. The sequel, as we've previously noted, is called Fear the Walking Dead, and it'll be making its debut this summer, bringing us closer to having year-round Walking Dead entertainment.

We've known for a long while that AMC has been developing a sequel to its hit series The Walking Dead, but the network has kept a tight grip on the details, and for the longest time we were starved of info. That began to change last year, with news about casting and even a screenshot surfacing, leading to more details and speculation that we'd be seeing the series officially very soon.

That speculation proved true, and now many of the details we've been hearing have been confirmed, including that the sequel will be called 'Fear the Walking Dead' and that it will be set in Los Angeles, and that it'll be premiering some time this summer (a specific date hasn't yet been revealed, however).

"Morning Los Angeles," the trailer starts, "hope you've gotten your flu shot. Reports in five states say a strange virus is going around, so if you're not feeling well, go home, take care of yourself." We see aerial scenes around LA during the voice over, then a look at a snarling zombie limping its way down a tunnel.