Fear the Walking Dead: new trailer has LA burning down

AMC's all about the teasers, though it did finally give us a proper trailer not too long ago. So far the teasers have only hinted at the upcoming event, and the trailer itself shows it all getting started. The newest trailer, though, backs up from the characters and the crowds to show us (this series') ground zero from up above. We get a look at it all, a snapshot of the sum total of the chaos and damage that happens when a city as big as Los Angeles is overrun with infected living-dead walkers.Fear the Walking Dead, a companion series to The Walking Dead, was the source of leaks over many months before it became official. We got our first look at the upcoming show in a commercial during TWD's latest season finale, and since them AMC has teased fans with scenes and posters.

More recently, AMC finally announced the show's premiere date: August 23, leaving us with only a couple weeks of waiting remaining. Unlike the original series, Fear the Walking Dead will take place in Los Angeles which, we've discovered through trailers, is not where the infection started. Rather, the city continues on in blissful ignorance while the infection starts elsewhere and the government apparently works to suppress the news.

In this newly released teaser we see how thoroughly the event affects Los Angeles — the city burns while the military still works to stop the inevitable. AMC teases this as part of the series premiere, and we'll probably be seeing more of it as the launch date draws closer.