Fear the Walking Dead world premiere: the rise of walkers starts August 23

After those short, frustrating, not-worth-watching teasers, AMC has given the people what they want: the 'world premiere' of its new series Fear the Walking Dead. That is, three minutes of it. We get a look at exactly what we've been promised: the world before the walkers arrive, and the chaos that results from their sudden and quite unanticipated arrival. The teasers from before have been stitched together, and the picture they form is heart pounding.

That teaser of the man running? We finally get some context for that, and it turns out he may have been one of the first people (in LA, at least) to happen upon a walker. The student who expressed his concern that all was not as it seems? We see him, too, and he's the voice of reason no one bothers to hear out.

We see sick students and mentions of a 'flu', suggesting many fell ill and didn't turn until succumbing to the illness. Many don't believe what is happening is real, as well, watching footage of the walkers on the news but being unable to accept that the dead are walking.

This all bleeds over into the turning point where it's too late to stop what is happening once people realize that it's real. Riot police are deployed, people go into hiding, and at the end of the day nothing can be done. The series premiere happens on August 23.