FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Reportedly To Announce Departure Tomorrow

The FCC's Chairman Julius Genachowski has been at the helm of the agency during a time when gadgets and wireless technology have grown exponentially. During his time, the chairman has prodded the FAA to loosen its in-flight gadget restrictions, has overseen plans to open the unlicensed spectrum to wireless Internet, and has spoken fondly of the wireless industry as a whole, to name a few. And now, according to sources, he will announce his departure tomorrow.

The information was given to the Wall Street Journal by a source said to be an FCC official. This doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who has been watching the situation, with unnamed sources telling the Washington Post earlier this month that Genachowski would be stepping down in the relatively near future – as early as April, in fact.

This is despite the fact that Genachowski's term will end this upcoming July; a request for an official statement on the matter was declined. Notes the Washington Post, the top candidates to replace the current chairman include venture capitalist Tom Wheeler, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ambassador Karen Kornbluh, and the Commerce Department's head of tech Lawrence Strickling.

Such a rumor not only prompts speculation about who will replace Genachowski, but also what he plans to do after he steps down. He could already have plans in place for where he will go next, but nothing has been provided and he could very well be eyeing retirement. Regardless, if the rumor proves true, we'll have more details for you tomorrow, so stay tuned.

[via The Verge]