FCC CEO touts "the fastest growing technology in history"

This week at CTIA, FCC CEO Julius Genachowski noted that they will be re-dedicating themselves to a fair and safe expansion of the wireless industry. Genachoski has spoken today on leadership, how the FCC enjoys attending CTIA, and how it's only a matter of time before the whole world sees the power of the wireless industry. He noted then that he'd recently seen a note which blew his mind, that "more people across the world have mobile phones than running water or electricity."

This note has "mobile broadband changing the world for the better" as Genachowski sees it, noting that also it's American designs and services that are leading the world industry in this sector. Deploying 64% of mobile 4G LTE in the world, being the first in the world to free up "white spaces" for unlicensed use, and on the whole expanding at a rate that Genachowski says is faster than the whole rest of the world, this is the greatness of the United States.

"We must recognize that these successes are creating new challenges." The demand for mobile services, he noted, is expanding at a rate that's much faster than spectrum will allow. As Genachowski makes clear here, "all Americans have access wherever they are" only if we're able to start moving a whole lot quicker on expanding mobile broadband services. The mobile industry moves on a focus on consumers, innovation, and investment – Genachowski has mad no qualms with the "free market system" this week at CTIA.

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