Favorites from CTIA Wireless 2007

Today marks the end of CTIA Wireless 2007. We've seen a lot of phones and gadgets over the past week, but what were your favorites, and which vendor were you impressed with the most?For me, my favorite product is a tie. I can't choose between the Helio Ocean and the HTC Shift. They're both awesome in their respective categories, so it must remain a tie for me. I will say that the Sound Leaf Bone Conduction Receiver Microphone has to be the winner for strangest new product. It's really cool, but still very strange.

As for my pick of favorite vendor, I wasn't there to meet and greet them all, so I can't go off of their personality. So I'm basing it off of who brought the most, and best stuff to the table. Pantech is the winner in my book. First, they're the ones that created the Helio Ocean, and that alone is just awesome. Then they bring out all of their concept phones for all to see, very nice. Runner-up for favorite vendor goes to HTC. The Shift and Advantage are just sweet, and then they bring out the very solid Vox and S720.

The award for "best way to cover up a really big mistake" goes to the guys over at UTStarcom. If you hadn't heard, they accidentally displayed a banner that depicted the Sidekick ID, which was not to be shown. So how does one fix a problem like this? With spray paint of course. Check out the pictures here.

That does it for my favorites. What were your "favorites" from this year's show?