No fair! Vincent gets some time with the HTC Shift

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 29, 2007, 3:44pm CDT

Are you tired of hearing about the HTC Shift yet? I hope not, because I haven’t gotten tired of writing about it. Vincent was lucky enough to attend a hands-on demonstration with it during is time at CTIA. Jason Chen from Gizmodo was there as well. Who do you think was more fired up about it? Wake up Vincent, The show’s not over yet!

Seriously though, he’s been running around all week trying to get his hands on all the latest products for you guys to see. It’s understandable that he might look a little out of it sometimes. I just couldn’t resist putting this picture up. That’s what happens when you have someone else go through and clean up all of your pictures. Anywho, on to the good stuff!

The whole thing was very hush-hush as no videos or pictures were allowed to be taken. So we won’t be able to share any good shots of him playing with it, but he assures us that it feels solid. The only complaint he had with the unit was that the sliding mechanism was difficult to work. HTC assured him that it will not be an issue when the product is released. Unfortunately, HTC declined to comment on some of the big questions such as battery life and screen technology. Perhaps they’re still working on those as well?

We’ve got some good close-up shots of the Shift that depict some of the features that we’re looking forward to.

Here you can see the small touchpad to the side of the screen. It’s not very big, but it’ll get the job done. Also if you look toward the bottom you’ll see what appears to be a biometric scanner. That’ll keep things secure for you.

Also y0u’ll see the USB port, power switch, and what appears to be a card reader.

Not much to see here on the backside. Though it’s nice to see that they included a VGA port so you can see what you’re doing on a larger screen.

Looks like on the left side of the screen we’ve got a Windows key, and the left and right mouse buttons. Below is a better shot of the mouse buttons as well as the built-in webcam.

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