Fastest Rubik's Cube Solving Robot Does It Under Two Seconds

Building robots that are able to solve the Rubik's Cube puzzles from the '80s is a past time for many folks who are always after a world record with their name on it. Two guys named Jay flatland and Paul Rose have built what they claim to be the world's fastest robot for solving the puzzle cube.

Back in 2014, we talked about a similar robot that could solve the cube in 3.253 seconds. The bot these guys have built solved the cube in 1.196 seconds. The robot is custom made and uses a frame to hold the cube, stepper motors, and four high-resolution USB webcams to let the bot know the state of the cube.

The robot is connected to a computer that functions as the brains of the system. The frame was made using 3D printing and the motors each have 3D printed feet that fit into holes that were drilled into each side of the cube. The holes make the center cube of each row look like a plus symbol. The PC app runs on Linux that determine the cube state and feeds that state to an algorithm where the solution is determined and performed.

Arduino controls the stepper motor drivers. The developers of the robot says that they have applied for a world record for their creations. The little beast is certainly quick at solving the cube.