Fast & Furious Blu-ray gets iPhone Profile 2.0 app

Fast & Furious and finger-friendly?  Universal Studios have revealed that the Blu-ray special edition version of the film Fast & Furious will be accompanied by an iPhone and iPod touch app that allows viewers to navigate a virtual garage on their big-screen TV.  The software, which will be distributed free through the App Store, takes advantage of Blu-ray Profile 2.0.

Profile 2.0 allows for network access by a Blu-ray player over ethernet or WiFi connection, and has in the past been used to access exclusive online content and link it in to the menu structure of a Blu-ray disc.  This new Universal app, however, will use the viewer's home WiFi network to communicate with the iPhone or iPod touch, with the device used to view cars and tap on specific features for more information.

There'll also be a copy of the movie formated for the iPhone/iPod touch's display, available to load from a second, included disc, together with downloadable versions of features found on the main Blu-ray feature.  The special edition will be released on July 28th, priced at $29.98.

[via Electronista]