Farmville 2 unleashed by Zynga

As the mobile world evolves, so too do the expectations of the public for a new most addictive game of the day – that's why Zynga has decided to release a whole new version of their smash hit with Farmville 2. If you're not familiar, the first Farmville game was entirely Facebook-based (at first) and centered around you, the farmer, and your crops and livestock. This new version of the game will be a bit more tuned for future mobile use and will have "3D graphics" which include fully rotate-ready objects galore.

This new Farmville game will indeed also be able to be played via Facebook or straight through Zynga's own web-based network, as well as through official apps for both iOS and Android. This game will also feature more intensive "crafting" of items, with the creating and harvesting of one item making way for another. This game will be created in hopes that Zynga can recapture the peak power of the first Farmville game which hit its tip back in March of 2010 with 82 million users playing at least once a month.

Zynga also let the world know that they'd be pushing several other titles soon, including but not limited to: Matching with Friends, The Ville, Zynga Elite Slots, ChefVille, and Ruby Blast. Zynga also announced that they'd be partnering with Atari who will be releasing a new game title for its 40th anniversary in a team effort that will shock the world!

Stay tuned for more Zynga action, and check out the timeline below to keep up to date on all things Zynga as well!

[via BBC]