Fariphone 2 initial shipments start today

The Fairphone has been up for pre-order for a while now and the company behind the modular Android phone has announced that the first batch of 200 Fairphone units will be sent out for delivery today. The company says that the first 200 devices are packed up and at the distribution center and the shipping pilot test started small to ensure it will be efficient on a larger scale.

While the first 200 devices are set to ship to users today, the next 200 units have left China and are expected to land at the distribution center on Tuesday. There are 1,200 of the Fairphone devices in the total order, but only 800 are being shipped due to extra steps in the quality check process.

The company expects that large shipment order will depart China Monday. All of the devices shipping now have matte black covers and other colors will arrive later. The only devices that will be shipped before Christmas are the matte black units.

The Fairphone 2 is the first Android smartphone to bring a modular design to the masses. Inside the Fairphone 2 is similar to a modern PC in that it has parts that can be removed and replaced as needed. This modular design landed the Fairphone 2 a perfect 10 at iFixit for teardown and repairability.

SOURCE: Fairphone