Fallout Shelter Android release this August with Mr. Handy

Smash hit mobile app Fallout Shelter, from the folks that brought you Fallout, is coming to Android. This app launched soon after the next Fallout game (Fallout 4) was announced earlier this year, launching only on the Apple App Store. That was June – almost immediately after launching, Fallout Shelter became the number one most downloaded game in 48 countries and the most downloaded app of ANY KIND in 25 countries. Needless to say, it's hyped up – and of course a very fine game in its own right.

While generally a launch on a second platform has that second platform at a disadvantage, this launch is going to be different. The Android app will launch with a build that's at least as full of content as the most-updated version of the iOS app. One example of this is the release-inclusion and introduction of a character Fallout fans know by the name of Mr. Handy.

Mr. Handy will be launching as a premium reward, a tiny helper that aids users in collecting resources inside their Vault. he also has the ability to defend the Vault and to head out into the wasteland to collect loot.

On August 13th, this app will be released. That same day, the iOS version of the app will be updated with Mr. Handy as well.

This game will be released for free on Android.