Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 3000 iPod touch mod

Chris Davies - Apr 6, 2009, 8:31am CDT
Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 3000 iPod touch mod

If you’re a Fallout 3 gamer then you’ll likely know that the Pip-Boy 3000 is the wrist-mounted computer used to deliver game stats.  A collectible clock version of the computer was included as part of the Fallout 3 Survival Edition set, and that’s just what one enterprising modder chose to gut and stuff his iPod touch inside.

Video demo after the cut

The insides of the Pip-Boy 3000 – which is basically just a limited edition clock – needed some routing to carve a slot for the iPod touch to fit into.  Now that’s done, the PMP slots into place and, using some suitable Fallout 3 screenshots loaded up in the photoviewer, becomes the best game-themed costume prop we’ve seen for a while.

Even better would be a custom theme for the iPod touch that flipped the orientation for constant landscape use and borrowed the Pip-Boy 3000 graphics for a consistent GUI.  No tutorial, but given the special edition set costs $130 most people won’t be wanting to cut up their collectibles anyway.

[via Kotaku]

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