Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout bundle dropped with Amazon

If you already have an Amazon Prime account and already play Fall Guys, now might be a good time to scoop some loot. There'll be 6 total "drops" available for this game with Amazon Prime Gaming over the next few months, including "the exclusive MVP Bundle," with its own "super sporty costume and three Crowns."

Amazon Prime is a system with which Amazon gives users a variety of benefits for a single monthly fee. Generally these perks are wide-ranging and appear to be worth the $12.99 per month the subscription costs users. Generally Amazon delivers a 30-day "free" trial period, after which the user will need to pay $12.99 (or so) per month.

There's a Fall Guys loot page over on Amazon Gaming where the full set of bundles will be revealed. The latest of the six bundles in the pipeline was revealed this week, complete with a sporty costume and three Crowns. Before now, there've been two similar bundles: Slushie Bear Bundle, and Winter Bundle – both have expired by the time this article is set to go public.

To claim the content in the game, open Fall Guys and go to Settings. Select Profile, select "Link Amazon Account", and grab the "unique code" that appears. Open Amazon in a web browser, make sure you're logged in to YOUR Amazon account, and find the account connection page as indicated in the game.

If you want to unlink your Fall Guys account from your Amazon Prime account, the process is relatively straightforward. You'll open your game with a linked account, navigate to the game's Settings screen, and open your Profile menu. In your Profile menu, select "Unlink Amazon Account", and wait for the confirmation prompt. And remember to cancel your Amazon Prime account after you're done with it – that $13 a month can add up!