Fall Guys Season 3 costumes teased with more promised for The Game Awards

Fall Guys Season 3 is nearly among us, and to pique the interest of players, developer Mediatonic has shared an early look at four new costumes that will be up for grabs once the new season kicks off. As the season is set to begin later this month, the costumes unsurprisingly have a holiday theme to them, so if you're having trouble getting into a festive mood with the pandemic keeping many people at home, maybe Fall Guys can help get you into the holiday spirit.

In any case, the four outfits that were previewed in this tweet include a reindeer, a candlestick, a yeti – or an Abominable Snowman if that's more to your taste – and a fourth costume that's a little more difficult to place. This tease is all we're getting for now, but it won't be much longer until we learn more, as news about Season 3 will apparently be revealed during The Game Awards later this week.

It's likely that these are the four costumes that will be available through the Season 3 battle pass, and we'll probably see other festive costumes available through the in-game shop. In other costume news, Fall Guys recently teased the impending arrival of a DOOM Slayer costume, but we still don't have a release date for that either.

In any case, in a subsequent tweet, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic told us what news we can expect to see revealed at The Game Awards. Mediatonic will have a Season 3 trailer on display, and it'll also be revealing the start date for Season 3, it seems. If you're a big fan of Fall Guys then you might want to set aside some time and check out The Game Awards on Thursday, December 10th.

Of course, we'll be following along with the news too, so once we've got a release date for Season 3, we'll let you know what it is. In the meantime, head down to the comments section and let us know what you think that mysterious fourth costume for Season 3 is meant to depict.