Fall Guys Season 2 sneak peek reveals drawbridges and knights

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a type of colorful, cartoonish battle royale game from Devolver Digital, is preparing to enter its second season. What can players expect? In addition to improved server experiences (hopefully), the team is planning new game environments and outfits that are based on classic medieval imagery, including structures like drawbridges and outfits like knights. The game's developers detail their plans in a new video.READ: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout reviewFall Guys is an amusing combo racing and puzzle game that tasks players with running through obstacle courses, passing rounds that will eventually end with one player left standing.

The game follows the same sort of general battle royale framework as other games in the genre, but with a unique multi-round competition that involves progressive eliminations. The game skyrocketed in popularity due, in part, to being made free on the PlayStation 4 the same day it launched.

The team behind the game published a sneak peek of the upcoming Season 2 in a video this week, revealing that they have chosen a medieval theme for the upcoming season's maps. With this map refresh, players won't be given too long to get used to particular obstacle courses before new ones arrive, giving it an element of freshness that may help sustain the game's popularity past a rapid and high peak.

In addition, the developers will give players access to new skins, which are outfits for the little beans that run the course. The new offerings will include knights, wizards, Vikings, dragons, and other things inspired by the Middle Ages, including fictional lore. Additional info on the courses hasn't been provided yet.