Fall Guys Season 2 patch notes reveal new levels

Eric Abent - Oct 8, 2020, 11:19am CDT
Fall Guys Season 2 patch notes reveal new levels

After a long wait, Fall Guys Season 2 is officially here. The update went live this morning, and we’ve finally got patch notes describing everything that’s changed. In typical Fall Guys fashion, the patch notes were fairly brief, but the changes that were detailed seem pretty big nevertheless.

For example, the patch notes published to Reddit say that four new stages have been added, though it seems that only two are entirely new while the other two are spins on existing courses and games. Knight Fever – a level we’ve already seen a preview of – is described as “the hardest gauntlet level yet,” which is a claim that’s certainly easy to believe. The second all-new stage is called Wall Guys, and it will have players working together to “traverse castle walls.”

Egg Siege is a medieval take on Egg Scramble that has moving drawbridges, while the final new course, Hoopsie Legends, is a “solo Hoopsie round with movable blocks.” New features include banners and nameplates that characters can equip, and there’s also a random outfit generator that will randomly create an outfit for your character using the costume pieces in your wardrobe.

Players will also be able to use The Show Selector, which includes “time-limited shows that give players new ways to enjoy their favorite round types by selecting which show they want to play.” In terms of improvements, players will now see their party members falling alongside them when dropping into a match, with developer Mediatonic saying that many levels have gone through some visual touch-ups as well.

Mediatonic also says that the game should run much better on base-model PS4s, with frame rate jumping from 30fps to 60fps. Finally, Mediatonic says that various crashing issues and bugs have been fixed, but doesn’t get specific about what it’s quashed with this update. To read the full patch notes, click the Reddit link above, but otherwise, download the update and drop into Fall Guys Season 2.

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